VFKODE, a private real estate investment trust, aims at localizing unique residential properties in prime locations to provide shareholders with the potential for income and capital growth from investing in Barcelona, Bangkok and Miami residential real estate. 

Our directors, seasoned fundraiser and successful entrepreneurs (asset management, services and technology in EMEA, APAC and US), are passionate about architecture, business and technology.

Their goal was to create an international real estate agency of a different kind, by combining distribution waterfall, design of the building or “smart city” readiness before making any investment.


Our ability to leverage local expertise, network and financial resources has become what we view as our competitive advantage. Access to our local network provides far greater resources to source, analyze and execute real estate transactions.


VFKODE seeks to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns through a thematic but opportunistic approach given the flexibility of its capital.

Our investment policy is to build a diversified portfolio of Miami, Bangkok and Barcelona’s real estates with good fundamental characteristics. We invest principally in residential real estate sector including apartment, penthouse and parking and might also in the future invest in other sectors including office or leisure.


Portfolio Overview as of June 30, 2017

  • Geography: 1 country.

  • Property type: apartment and parking.

  • Funding type: mix of capital and loans.

Representative investment:

  • Apartment in x, providing y% of rentability